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April 27, 2007



Ah, Wendy, I feel a bit responsible for your My Sin binge! I go on and off vintage for periods and like you, I love the bracing bitterness of the first notes of Jolie Madame and her sisters -- did you try Diorling? Another take on that bitter, then floral riff... But My Sin, ah, now that's another beast entirely. I can't even define it except to say it's a kind of archetype of perfume. I'm looking forward to reading your further explorations of the different concentrations. I have pure parfum and edt, and am currently resisting the urge to stock up (so many others beckon and I'm very flitty too...).


Denyse, I feel exactly the same way about My Sin, I'm glad you can't define it either! It's so much more than a collection of notes. I haven't tried Diorling EDT, although the Parfum didn't have the same effect on me as the others named, I'm just not a big Dior fan, I know I'm in the minority (so what else is new?). Yes, it was you who encouraged me to buy up everything I could find, I'm spraying it on my clothes, as it doesn't last very long on my skin! The EDT is just the concentration I was dreaming of for our climate, the parfum seems a bit intense, even for me, probably because it's already in the 80's here..................thanks so much for stopping by!


So when are we going to hear the rest?

I've been curious about this scent for years!



Yesterday, My Sin smelled so gorgeous on you. You.Need.Some.

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