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These extraordinary ancient style of shoe is most likely made from Buffalo and Camel leather -- the uppers and lining of Camel, and the sole from Buffalo, you can see the remarkable thickness of the leather. This is the true thickness of skins from big animals like cows and buffalo, the leather we use is split from those big thick skins.

Many years ago, I was at a dinner party and when the fellow sitting next to me heard that I was a shoe designer, he said "I have some shoes for you!" The next morning he came to my door with these amazing traditional Syrian shoes he had bought on a trip home, and had been completely unsuccessful at wearing them. You can see that he tried by the little marks on the soles. He didn't know what I found out later, that all of the ethnic shoes that are made out of stiff materials and are made identically, without left and right feet, are worn after soaking them in water shapes them to your feet. This is also true for the Indian shoes in the upper right corner of the case.