> Paris September 2006

Amazing street saint in an antique shop near Drouot.........great Xmas present!
The classic Versasilles shot - when you're there you just can't help it!
This could be Versailles in the 19th Century (love that fake sepia setting)
Shop interior right on the Rue Grenelle (see August 2006 album for the nice handles he makes)
My fave ceiling ever - monkeys, butterflies, bats, everything I love!
Spiky Vase
I love bats too, I guess I was born in the wrong era....
I just love scarabs -- on anything!
Moth Vase
My fave cabinet -- stellar!  Rateau for Jeanne Lanvin again!
George's Fave Cabinet
Wonderful spiral Emilio Terry models (unbuilt I imagine)
I covet this coat -- YSL at a Depot Vent (designer resale)
Great Puffy Coat at Colette -- Viktor & Rolf I think
Black Ceramic Foot Stand or Vase -- I'd love one!