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July 23, 2007



Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare is an excellent rosy fragrance for the summer - I'm sort of disappointed that I did not think of it myself! It's one of the more ephemerally joyous fragrances that tend to escape memory because of it's seemingly ephemeral quality. It occurs on the skin as a somewhat temporary explosion of rose garden, and thus doesn't easily impress itself upon the long term memory unless one chooses to admit it.

Le Dix is one of those fragrances I think we take in almost as if it were a monument unto itself, so much so that we tend to remember what it established without realizing what it does when acutally worn. (For example, I feel that if there were no Le Dix, there would be no Kenzo Flower, which seems nowadays to get more love than Le Dix overall. And yet, I cannot disentangle Flower from this particular predecessor. Or perhaps it's just me who views it Le Dix as part of the perfumed lineage that traces down to Flower by Kenzo.) There's a secret powderiness that makes it so easily adaptable to summer, no? It's one of those fragrances that improbably has been relegated to the vintage heap without acknowlegement that it remains a creative and intellectual challenge even after all these years. I still am amazed at how underrated Le Dix is, even in this current internet-fueled culture of vintage appreciation. More than likely, it's specifically this leathery undertone in the vintage you mention that may well be key to its charm in summer, even more than the woody violet leaf or the powder. I love that you tie in Vol de Nuit here to Le Dix. While I cannot personally choose it for summer, I can certainly appreciate the appeal it holds for you :)

This post reminds me that I really need to revist the Miller et Bertaux house, not just for summer, but for whatever season. Great post, Wendy!!


Katie, thanks for stopping by and the interesting comment. I hardly know contemporary (relatively) fragrances at all, as so many synthetics don't register properly with my nose at all. That's why I have made so many forays into vintage and classics, perhaps "Original Synth" work better for me in general. But there is always an exception, so I'll make sure that I take a sniff of the Kenzo when I can!

I admit that I'm a terrible historicist in general, so I'm very happy going back whenever possible to the times I'd never seen, not the 80's or the 70's!!!!! And I seem to have a different powder meter too, so Le Dix doesn't strike me as powdery, either that or I think of powdery as a negative and when I love something I don't think of that particular adjective. And strangely, FdTRB lasts on me, go figure! Let me know if you'd like me to send you a M&B sample pack, they are unique and interesting.

Prince Barry

Dearest Wendy, what wonderful reading your posts are, it is such a pity that we have to wait a millenium for the next installment. I really do miss your regular posts. What you lack in quantity my dear is certainly made up by the quality.

I love L'Homme Sage! Of course it is very much a dndyfied perfume to my nose. That Yann Vasnier is a remarkable perfumer. Yann told me a while back that his favourite creation was the L'Homme de Coeur. I like it, but I'm not too much of a big fan of iris notes.

Please post more often my dear!



green green green and green? where do I sign up?


Just found your page (damn, why doesn't anyone tell me these things?!) and wanted to say.... Please write more? You could definitely become a serious addiction if you did!

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How do I make a modern summer dress into a 1940's dress?
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