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August 07, 2008



I tend to agree with you re: absinthe being much less than "all that." Methinks that perhaps the fact that it was largely unavailalble (and perhaps also that it was illegal) merely heightened the drama, but not the actual taste. Hmm...wait...lack of availability affecting desire...never heard of that in in things culinary, perfume, or for that matter, human relations... ;)

Would be very curious to hear the results of your at home lab experiment.

So very nice to see a fresh post from you. I only became interested in perfume a short time ago (shoes and cake are an old interest, but from before one could even troll blogs), and enjoyed finding your site. I returned from time to time, just in case, and..voila! You returned! (...like the long MIA absinthe?)


Hi there, thanks for stopping by after 9 months without an entry on this blog! I aim to do it more, especially since I've roped myself into an experiment!

You're right of course, the hype has been about the illegality/unavailability, although for me it was more the elusive nature of the mythic substance that fed a great artistic period.

And although the drink itself is not too interesting as far as I can tell (perhaps I need to test more?), let me tell you, the scent and attendant properties of the Wormwood itself is special indeed!

I love having my elusiveness being compared to that of Absinthe, can I use that?


Why, yes, of course...use the wormwood analogy to your heart's content. Just be leery of all that testing... :)

You have piqued my curiosity about the scented properties of wormwood...I do not have this particular artemisia in my current or any garden planted, let alone have a sense of how the essential oil behaves. Maybe I should get on that....

Always In Style

I'm intrigued by the addition of Lavender -- will have to check it out.


Terrific post Wendy. I too am fascinated by Absinthe. I came into contact with it while at an Visionary Art Workshop in Austria. It was a regular nightly past time in the evening...loads of fun. The green fairy inspired me to take a stab at creating an Absinthe perfume. Its been many years and I am still tinkering with it. Artemisia absinthium is toxic and tricky to work with. Haven't cracked the code yet, will be happy to share when I do!

How about posting about your trip to SIP with Tom and Robin? Tom teased us and now we are all waiting with baited breath.


Roxana, thanks for stopping by! Perhaps Absinthe would be a good collaboration for us, so laced with history and mystery. You only need a drop of the stuff to have a huge effect, perfumewise, don't you? It's SO STRONG! I'd love a true Absinthe scent that isn't as sweet as most seem to be, sort of overbalancing the bitterness of the Wormwood. I'll try to post more soon, I promise!

Always In Style, yes, the lavender is one of the elements that makes this scent so addictive, I'm certain. Such a wonderful idea!


Oooh, a potential collaboration!

Not meaning to put the cart before the horse, but do let us know if you ladies end up concocting together... :)

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