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September 06, 2008



What do Qwendy and Cait share in common? A quality and interest-sparking level in their blogs that is high enough for me to faithfully pay regular pilgrimages in hopes of a "smackerel." (Remember Winnie-the-Pooh, in search of that little something of a snack to soothe the rumbly in his tumbly?) The smackerel is worth the wait once it appears...

(...but I must admit, I'd be happy for just a smidge more. ;) )

I appreciate your account of the trip through the SIP offerings. I currently rely on mail order for that line, so have no opportunity to have a good sit down/get to know you feast with them. I agree that their best scents are more than the sum of their parts.

Hey, speaking of rocking your world, I just wrote this week about "Black Rosette" and how it rocked my boat...good vibes!


Oh please, Scentself, I can't take the flattery! Although it might make me post more! Yes, I saw your ref to Black Rosette in a comment, and it reminded me that it was the first SIP I ever sniffed, a few years ago, too! I'll surely be posting about my Chem Experiment this week, and I have something else up my sleeve, if I could only remember what it is ; ) I fear we've lost all of the others who checked in last week ; ( Roxana had mentioned the idea of a shoe/perfume collaboration, and also an interest in Absinthe, what with the wonderful historical period, it's just ripe for shoes too! We'll see, it's going to be a busy season.........but Absinthe is perfect for spring, right?


***happy to applaud and flatter if that is the tool to successfully goad more writing out of you...***

Whatever you discover up your sleeve, I'm sure it will lead to intriguing and ultimately rewarding experiments. Have fun. :)

Oh, and the Absinthe? Enough of it, and it is perfect for any season. ;)


It's such a pleasure to discover an alternative blog: I wasn't aware of your little corner and it will be my pleasure to now rummage through your archives and to keep an eye for your newer posts. :-)
And your musings on hippie oils are very interesting: apparently not all people were into them.
(btw, you might find my Absinthe Series interesting: I wasn't privy to A Taste of Heaven then though)


Helg, how nice to see you here! I'm about to do a post on Opus Oils, another facet of nouveau hippie oils that interests me, and you too I think. I'll take a peek at your Absinthe post now, and watch this space for a report on my (successful) chemistry experiment with it! Scentself will be happy to read more I think, she's my most loyal reader, thanks so much for your senses turned my way!


(she's right, she is)


Thank you so much for coming to my blog and introducing me to yours! You have been linked! Great to find another fan of this wonderful perfume and I look so much forward to reading about your experiment - how interesting!




Wendy, nice post on NP, and I'm still waiting for the report on your neroli tincture ;-)

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