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September 19, 2009



Yum-yum! My daughter Eve and I will most definitely be making this one, I bet it smells good too. Thank you so much for posting it Qwendy!


How excellent that you're blogging again :) Do you use the orange flower water in the cake (and does it make a difference?)? I'll have to go get some. The cake looks excellent, I love any baking recipe that involves corn.


I trip on by on a regular basis to see if, by chance, you've posted again. Lo and behold, you have! And you brought cake!! How very nice...thank you. :)


Amy, I didn't know you are one of my readers ; ) How nice, welcome back! You know I don't use the orange blossom water, mostly because I searched the various places in the house it would be and I haven't got it, and I keep forgetting to get more. I'm sure it does add to this already very aromatic cake. It's really the acid and bitter/sweet of the orange that makes it! Don't make a special trip and just make it with what you have on hand, I guarantee it will be great!


Dear Scentself, I was afraid I'd lost you! I see you posting on other people's blogs and I think "I'll never see her again, I must be such a disappointment to her!" Thanks for your loyalty. By the time you've made the cake, I'll be blogging about perfume again! Thanks again for stopping by!


So nice to see you Roxana! Tell me how the cake works out, and I promise to blog more about natural perfume soon!
XXX Wendy


Very delicious.

invierta proyectos

mmmm that is so good!!!

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