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October 26, 2009



Beautiful read Wendy!


Nice reviews! I just ordered Temple, my favorite of Anya's perfumes, along with samples of Fairchild, Moondance and Starflower (the three I haven't yet sniffed). Temple is the perfect balance of orange juice, warmth and oud for me and I just love it, it's both energizing and calming for me. And I can't wait to the try the new ones. Looking forward to your next post about the other 4 in her line.


I hope your next four includes the new lifethreads!!! i love all three but I cant decide which to buy www.lifethreads.com review them please!!


Karen, thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Let's meet in BH soon for some sniffing, OK?

Amy, that's interesting, I first responded to Temple as well, but I find I don't actually want to WEAR incense, but I love it on my BF, who is a total incense hound! Curious to hear how you respond to the others. I think you will love Fairchild as I do ; )

Sara, sorry to disappoint, but I don't "do" commercial releases -- read Octavian's post here http://1000fragrances.blogspot.com/2009/10/la-prairie-life-threads-silver-gold.html for a very thorough take on them. Platinum certainly sounds the most interesting, but as he suggests, you may want to go to the "sources."

My "next four" will be Anya's final four offerings, then I'll "do" Dawn Spencer Hurwitz and Roxana of Illuminated Perfume. Then onto more niches -- I WILL have to venture into a dreaded department store when the new Francis Kurkdjeans appear at Nieman's ; )


Essence and Alchemy is what got me started down the perfume road -- I remember ordering essences from the stockists listed in the back of the book. I still use them, and all the elements are like an alphabet that teach you to read perfume...
All the niches you are exploring are so rewarding. We are living in good perfume times!


Lovely to see you reviewing natural perfumes Wendy!
But I disagree about the trend towards Natural being American!
Realistically, it's more of a worldwide trend back to the old European traditions!
All perfume was originally natural, and those of us who are following that road believe that modern perfumery has lost something precious when it became the frontier of chemists in white lab coats! It is the richness and history of the ingredients, sensuous jasmine from Arabian Nights, precious Oakmoss from leather gloves of Italian Counts, the delicate Tea Rose of English gardens that inspires us...
And some of us even come from the other side of the world alltogether!

Let me know if you'd ever like to sample some very non-American traditionalist Scents from Down Under!

Ambrosia (from Australia)


Ambrosia, so nice to hear from you on the other side of the world -- how terribly American of my to not take the whole world into account! I suppose what I meant was that one can't go into a local apothecary or health food store these days without running into small lines of "natural perfumes" which are most often not complex blended perfume, and it seems so American to feel like one can just do anything oneself, without any previous knowledge or tradition to support it ; ) And this is a kind of backlash for us, one of the three countries (with China and India I imagine) who probably consume the most egregious chemical substitutes for real things in the world, no?

I'd love to smell what you describe as Precious Oakmss from Leather Gloves of Italian Counts! I'm a woefully neglectful blogger, sorry (a month late comment here as you can tell) but I really do care!!!

All best, Qwendy

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