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December 30, 2009


Scent Hive

Wendy, I do love OJ's Taif as well. Fantastic post my dear!!

Happy New Year,


2009 isn't over yet...and now I have another "nice moments of" to add to my list: you coming back to posting! :)

Oh, that Calder jewelry...it is something wonderful, no? I have a pair of earrings that many have called Calder or Calder-like...they aren't, but they do have that spirit of form and movement...and I love them. Have had them for ZOIKS! almost twenty years now, a testament for searching out quality/thoughtful handmade items.

On the note of cooler scents...I am enjoying L'Eau d'Hiver recently...as an oriental &/or vintage appreciating person myself, I feel an extra affinity for your recent "move." A secret handshake shout out to your mention of Azuree, too... :)

Happy New Year!


My dearest, you are most definitely NOT ALONE in your love of MH Geranium Bourbon. It's gorgeous stuff. I wear it loads in the summer :-)
Happy New Year to you!


Scentself (or as I somehow think of you ScentELF), my year is complete, I thought Id lost you due to my slothful blogging habits! So glad you know and love Calder and Vintage and Azuree too, consider your secret handshake squared! HNY XOXOXO Qw


Thanks for stopping by Trish, its always a pleasure! Happy snowy New Year to you, XOXO Qw


Abigail, its good to know Im not alone, thanks for letting me know! Living in only semi-cool climes, sometimes I drench myself in Geranium Bourbon just for an LA Winter lift! HNY and see you next year (I still love saying that)!


Ooh, another Pascal Morabito Or Black lover -- yay!

I'm half afraid to try the vintage version of Robert Piguet Visa, as it might ruin my love for the current incarnation. It's probably heavenly, isn't it? Oy...don't even tell me.


another Geranium Bourbon fan here! Great list- I will look up those books- they sound very interesting. Happy New Year.


Oh, there you are, I knew I saw you somewhere, the comment/reply thing on Typepad has gotten a bit indirect for my ADD ; ) YES -- OR BLACK, what a treasure! Dont worry about Old Visa ruining New Visa for you, they really have nothing in common! Want a sample???? Fragrantly yours for 2010!


Oh Suzanne, no worries about the Old Visa killing your love for the NEW one, they have very little in common!
Yours in Or Black and much more for 2010, thanks for coming by!


Rose, so happy you came by, I wish we could go over to Miller Harris and try the teas!!!!! All the best of everything to you in 2010!


My dear Wendy,

what a delightfully wonderful post!! I am sitting here reading your most elegant perfume list and nodding my head in approval, so many lovely choices there, vintage and modern alike. (love the OJs and many others).
And isn't DSH a delightful person to talk to? :-)

Not to mention Persian cooking is a field close to my heart.

Thanks for participating so wonderfully and much admiration for the lovely avater picture too!


Helg, thanks so much for coming by, and your most kind words, they mean a lot coming from YOU! I plan to call DSH to see if I can get some insight into her process especially regarding her more classical perfumes, having become infatuated by her renditon of Aqua Admiriablis fromthe 18th Century. Heres wishing you more of everything 2010 !

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