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December 12, 2009



You truly scored here! That bottle is amazing. I will have to revisit my sample. I couldn't get over how much it reminded me of Angel. I cannot agree with you more that perfume fans should visit the classics. I try not to get too nostalgic or romantic and remind myself that there are wonderful contemporary perfumes, too. Thanks for the post!


Thanks for visiting stopping by, you make me want to blog more! Hmmmmm I think you should revisit your Visa from TPC -- my sample was from them too and it seemed fine, but what people refer to as Animilic might be the component of Angel it was reminding you of, albeit perhaps on an off day. My nose (brain?) changes a lot.

I might be fooling myself, thinking Im not being romantic or nostalgic about Vintage perfume (me - the one who misses the times Ive never seen ; ) but My Nose does seem to prefer the older ones, up to and including the 70s ~ whether its chemical, or formulation or sensibility or e) all of the above Im stuck with it! Thank heaven for ebay and perfume friends like you!

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