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March 14, 2013


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Lisa, great to see you here, thanks for coming! The great thing about my experience here is that I can constantly observe the cultural differences without feeling too impinged on by them, thus is the position of the expat I guess. For P it is so different, as he feels like he should be identifying with "his" people and doesn't always, he is so American. I am more of the Doris Day character here for sure, don't you worry! Thanks for the reminder that Living Life is a great job! Xxx


G, I remember that story, so glad you put it to paper! It's must be awfully hard to write about personal experiences of political and economic turbulence, but it is all about the point of view, isn't it? I have just begun to think about writing this way, I am such a total novice, probably don't have the focus to really work things out, but you do! I am just about to do a post about the books we have been reading, you will be interested in Pierre's choices! Xxx


Hahaha, sorry, certainly didn't mean to lame you!

I recently finished writing a semi-autobiographical novel about when my parents and us three sisters were squatters in London in 1975-76, started on one about 1986, when Palme was assassinated and I went to London to write a paper on artist collectives in the ruins of Thatcherism and new age, but it felt so heavy and emotionally turbulent that I moved on to another project that's still rather nebulous. Should be working on it now, but it's like a niggling pain.

We've had a nice few days, with bright sunshine that melts the ice even though it's below zero. Last night the new moon made a road of light across the icy lake outside our window. But spring is moving on all too slowly for my liking. Yes, perhaps we could come and mind your house next winter! And if you have any plans of coming this way, well, you know!

Now off to yoga - very good for creative focus, I've noticed.


Lalisa Derrick

You are living! LIVING! Relishing and learning and experiencing. And that is how it should be. La vie est comme ça, oui; but with is huge and joyous exclamation mark at the end, rather than a shrug of resignation.


Oh please ipad editor, how did you come up with "laming to you" instead of "talking to you"????? Sorry!


Gabriella, how lovely to see and hear you here, as your comment is just like laming to you, which oddly feels like recently to me too! No need to be crushed by the responsibility, don't you think people freely ignore input of this kind if it suits them? Not me not here not now, I have fantasies of writing more, which is why I have these blogs, but certainly don't do it every day, do you? I don't really know what to write ON or IN, which is silly to admit........but I will come up with a group of notebooks, manual and digital this week, I promise! Thanks for the feedback!

The house is a bit cold at this moment, but winters are mild here in comparison with where you are, and much brighter too! We should talk next winter.........we might leave for a while and maybe you would like to come...........

Get back to that novel, I can't wait to read it! What or who is your subject pray tell??? Xxx


Hm, it's hard to say what anyone else should be doing, even if you know them really well. I always feel a great sense of responsibility crushing down on me every time I have any opinion of that kind. And I don't even know you that well (although I feel like I do!). But if I were you (which I'm not), I would probably be writing, every day, all the time. You obviously have a knack for it.
On the other hand - I'm writing this now as an excuse for not getting on with my novel...
That house is fabulous (I saw the other pictures)! Cold, I would imagine, but wonderful to look at. Living there would seem to be ideal for opening up all sorts of creative reserves once the acclimatisation and the arduous labour of acquiring fluency in a new language have been dealt with.
Hope you get some more initiated replies from others.
All the best,

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